Announcement - New Adafruit Mystery Box with Microcontroller

Announcement - New Adafruit Mystery Box with Microcontroller

I am happy to announce that today we are introducing a new product, our first mystery box! Assortment of Adafruit products at least 60% off MSRP. Get our Adafruit Mystery Box Today!

USPS Delays - Upgrade to UPS for Time Sensitive Orders

Customer Notice - COVID-19 & Holiday Shipping Delays

USPS is experiencing delays throughout their network including on First Class and Priority Mail shipments.

Our Free and Economy Shipping ($3.99) options use USPS First Class mail. You have the option of upgrading to Priority Mail at checkout. We have experienced delays in both service levels although Priority Mail typically has a higher on time percentage.

If your shipment is delayed you can expect to see an "In Transit, Arriving Late" message like the one below.

USPS In Transit, Arriving Late

First Class packages can be delayed 10+ days while Priority Mail delays are typically only 1-4 days. These delays may increase further as the holidays get closer.

Since USPS does not guarantee estimated delivery times we are not able to refund shipping. Most in-stock orders ship within one business day but once the package leaves we cannot guarantee when it will arrive.

We are recommended upgrading to UPS Ground or UPS 2nd Day Air for time sensitive orders. UPS is not yet experiencing delays in their network and they are working very hard to deliver packages on time. Please note that due to COVID-19 UPS has suspended their Service Guarantee until further notice. As a result we will not be able to refund shipping for UPS orders unless we are able to obtain an exception from UPS Customer Service which is unlikely.

  • Kevin Dolan

COVID-19 Operations Update

KjdElections is operating and shipping orders normally. We have changed our operating plan for employees to work from home where possible and to limit the number of employees processing orders at any time to one person.

Some products are still out of stock due to supply chain disruptions, however, we are now receiving new shipments almost everyday and lead times are decreasing. 

Please contact if you have any questions about availability. 

  • Kevin Dolan

Screenly Pro 10% Discount and Dedicated Support Plan

Screenly Pro Discount

Announcing Discounted Screenly Pro

The Screenly Pro cloud software is a must for easily setting up and managing your Screenly Players. The Player is the physical device connected to your screen that displays content. The Screenly Box 0 is the plug and play Player to get you started (For more players and unboxing of the Box 0 check out this post). Connect your Player to power, Ethernet, and your TV and you are almost ready to start displaying dynamic content with the Screenly Pro software.

Plans - Discounted 10%

Bronze - $26.95

Silver - $107.95

Gold - $215.95

Enterprise - $899.95

Adafruit Student Discount | 15% Off

Adafruit Student Discount

We are happy to announce the introduction of our Adafruit Student Discount program. All students actively enrolled in a US high school or college/university are eligible for the 15% Adafruit Student Discount.

15% Off Adafruit Discount Promotion | kjdElectronics

15% Adafruit Discount

Email with your order now for a 15% discount on all Adafruit Products!

See our Special Offer for full details on this amazing deal.