kjdElectronics Education Initiative

Teach to the Future

"It's a passport to the world. Engineering is that base qualification that can take you anywhere."

-Regina Moran, CEO of Fujitsu Ireland and president of Engineers of Ireland

In an ever changing global economy it has never been more important to expose children to engineering at a young age. That is why kjdElectronics is committed to providing the educators of today with the best tools to educate the engineers of tomorrow.

KjdElectronics works with educators one on one to provide the most valuable custom electronics kitting service and curriculum design in the industry. We have expertise in designing custom electronics kits including curriculum for students in K-12.

Beginning in kindergarten and moving through the early elementary school years we recommend basic kits producing fun and vibrant outputs guided by the instructor. For middle school students we design custom electronics kits and exercises that require critical thinking and problem solving skills. High School electronics kits target more complex problems and experiments.

We also highly recommend building lab reports into the curriculum as early as possible to teach students the critical skill of technical writing. 

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