HiFiBerry And Bang&Olufsen Create Maker Contest
Diana here! Your marketing and media guru. We are so proud to announce that we are a part of The 2017 Maker Contest hosted by one of our favorite brands, HiFiBerry. They are joined by Bang&Olufsen Create, and are asking makers to join into this audio hardware contest. Find the contest here.

The rules are:

  • Include a HiFiBerry board (Grab one here)
  • Finish it and test it out - we wanna see those projects working
  • The project was not developed by a profit based company (hackerspaces and NGOs are more then welcome to join the contest)
  • You guarantee you own the rights for all pictures and text you submit - be original 

You can start submitting your creations on June 26th and you have until August 7th. Once that date roles around, voting will start for the best project. Winners get amazing prizes which you will find out about during the summer months. So grab your supplies here, make something amazing, and maybe win some cool gadgets out of it! 

If you have a great idea but we don't have what you need in store or in stock, please email us at support@kjdelectronics.com. We would love to work with you and make sure you get whatever bundle of components you have on your wishlist.

Happy Creating!