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Screenly Pro 10% Discount and Dedicated Support Plan

Screenly Pro Discount

Announcing Discounted Screenly Pro

The Screenly Pro cloud software is a must for easily setting up and managing your Screenly Players. The Player is the physical device connected to your screen that displays content. The Screenly Box 0 is the plug and play Player to get you started (For more players and unboxing of the Box 0 check out this post). Connect your Player to power, Ethernet, and your TV and you are almost ready to start displaying dynamic content with the Screenly Pro software.

Plans - Discounted 10%

Bronze - $26.95

Silver - $107.95

Gold - $215.95

Enterprise - $899.95

Screenly Box 0 - Digital Signage Platform

Screenly Box 0

The Box 0 from Screenly is an all in one Raspberry Pi based solution for digital signage. The hardware (specs/pics below) coupled with Screenly's subscription based management software enables true one to many scalability for digital signage. They also offer Screenly OSE as completely free (and open source) version of their web management software.