Adafruit Discount - 15% Off Promotion for Adafuit Products


We love Adafruit Products and we know you do too!

That is why for a limited time we are offering all* Adafruit Products with a 15% discount. No code required. Getting the Adafruit Discount is simple!

Just contact us using the form on this page or email

This is how it works:

  1. Find out what Adafruit Products you want on Adafruit's website (We think this is the fun part!). 
  2. Submit the contact form with the list of products you want including quantities. You can also email with a screenshot of your cart from Adafruit or share your Adafruit wishlist with us!
  3. Wait for an email back from us within 24hrs with your discount applied and a link to to your quote. Based on stock availability we will let you know the ETA of your order. Typically 3-7 business days. 

Shipping is Simple

All orders will ship via USPS Priority Mail. Orders under $75 will have a $10 shipping charge. All orders over $75 qualify for free shipping.


* Some products offered by Adafruit do not qualify. This is primarily items that do not have the Adafruit brand. Examples: Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, and some other brands resold by Adafruit

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