Screenly Box 0

Screenly Box 0 - Digital Signage Platform

The Box 0 from Screenly is an all in one Raspberry Pi based solution for digital signage. The hardware (specs/pics below) coupled with Screenly's subscription based management software enables true one to many scalability for digital signage. They also offer Screenly OSE as completely free (and open source) version of their web management software. 


Un-boxing the Screenly Box 0 reveals a slick black case with the Screenly logo etched on the top. A generic power adapter for anywhere in the word is also included (I've only pictured the US plug)Screenly Box 0 Unboxed

The Screenly case conveniently exposes all of the Raspberry Pi's ports: 4 USD, 1 Ethernet, mico usb for powering the device, and of course HDMI for connecting to your digital sign.

Screenly Box 0 HDMI Side Screenly Box 0 Ethernet Side


Diving further into inside the Screenly you will find a Raspbery Pi 3 Model B+ with a pre-flashed SD Card with Screenly Pro that is turn key plug and play ready. Just add power, Ethernet, and HDMI.

Open Screenly Box 0 Case - Raspberry Pi Model B+

Screenly Pro (Paid) vs Screenly OSE (Free)

The Screenly Box 0 ships with Screenly Pro pre-installed and is designed to be used with Screenly's paid subscription. The base price is currently $29.95/mo including 2 Screens and 15 GB of storage.

Additional screens and storage can be purchased as needed. Storage is used to upload content (static images and videos) to be displayed on your screens. Unless you have some large videos to display the base storage option should be enough. For full pricing details see

The Screenly Box 0 can also be reconfigured to use with Screenly OSE (Open Source Edition). This free version of Screenly requires much more manual configuration and setup. However, your screens are still managed though a web interface and full 1080HD output is supported. 

Screenly has excellent documentation for setting up Screenly OSE. You can see their Getting Started guide or Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Where do I get one?

Get your Screenly Box 0 from kjdElectronics Today. Also available on Amazon.

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