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BS10U really is tiny, but don't let the size fool you. It's a complete USB oscilloscope, logic analyzer, arbitrary waveform generator and spectrum analyzer all rolled into one. BS10U is USB powered and user programmable. It includes a set of ten mixed signal mini-grabber test probes and powerful software. BS10 provides both 5V & 3.3V, I/O & clock signals so it can power, control and even clock logic or microcontroller circuits. It has 100 MHz bandwidth, up to 40 MSps logic, simultaneous waveform and clock generation and offers serial control of connected devices.

It's the ideal tool for prototyping analog electronics projects, digital and logic circuits or Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other microcontroller based systems with busses, sensors, servos and I/O. All you need to prototype new designs are basic electronic components, breadboards and wires and sometimes, a Raspberry Pi or Arduino board and some accessories.

  • 100 MHz Analog Bandwidth.
  • 40 MSps Logic Capture (25 ns).
  • 2 Analog Oscilloscope Channels.
  • 8 high speed Logic Analyzer channels.
  • Serial Protocol and Logic decoders.
  • Windows, Linux, Mac & Raspberry Pi.
  • Waveform, logic and clock generators.
  • RF & Baseband Spectrum Analyzers.
  • Pocket sized, USB powered.
  • Power, Ground & Control

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