kjdElectronics 3220 Tie-Point Solderless Breadboard Plate ZY-208

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This breadboard is large enough to tackle just about any electronics or hobbyist project. It is perfect for starting out because of its high quality construction and quality ABS plastic material ensures it will last. This breadboard has a total of 7 power distribution rails with 700 tie points and 4 terminal strips with 2520 tie-points for a total of 3220 tie-points. It also comes equipped with 4 power binding posts that allow the connection of three separate voltages (Va, Vb, and Vc) plus a ground connection (Banana plugs included). This is perfect for projects where components require different voltages. This breadboard is in retail packaging and does not come with an instruction manual, but setup is easy. Just use the nut on the bottom of each banana plug to affix it to the breadboard and then you are ready to begin. Plus the purchase of this product includes free support from kjdElectronics!

  • 4 Power Binding Posts that allow for up to three separate power rails plus a ground connection. Banana plugs included.
  • 7 Power Distribution Rails with 700 Tie-Points, plus, 4 Terminal Blocks with 2520 Tie-Points (Total 3220 Tie-Points)
  • Colored Coordinates for Easy Component Placement
  • Accepts a variety of wrie sizes(AWG:20-29)
  • Board Size(cm): 18.8*18.4*0.85, Plate Size (cm) :24*21*0.12

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