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The DAC+ ADC Pro model incorporates all the benefits of our original ADC model, but includes these additional new features:

  • Dual-domain clock design that provides a master clock independent from the Raspberry Pi
  • Fully configurable analogue front-end that allow a wide variety of input levels (from mic level to full 2Vrms) – no more jumpers, you can do the configuration in software using alsamixer
  • Microphone bias voltage allows to use electret microphones (needs to be enabled with jumpers)
  • Higher input bandwidth as we removed the anti-aliasing filter in the input path

This new board is designed to support additional use cases such as Karaoke machines, or as a target for input from other sources such as a dynamic microphone, Alexa, MP3 players, smartphones, synthesizers, or any other analog source that can be connected via the 1/8” stereo micro jack. In addition, it enables the use of more affordable electret microphones and supports higher bitrate input.


  • Stereo analog input
  • Stereo digital input and output (input up to 96kHz, output up to 192kHz)
  • 300 MHz Digital Signal Process (can run up to 6144 instructions per sample)

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