Circuitmess Wacky Robots 5-Pack Bundle I STEM Toys Soldering Kit

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Each of the 5 wacky robots will teach you about relevant topics that are essential in the world of electronics. Bob will teach you about light emitting diodes (LEDs). With Capacitron you'll learn how capacitors work. Mr.Bee will teach you about intentionally unbalanced motors. With Marv, you'll learn the difference between a pushbutton and a switch. And with Resistron, you'll get to know about resistance and ohm's law
Each of the robots comes equipped with a nice little booklet that includes a build guide and some interesting facts about electronics. We made sure that instructions are clear to follow even for the complete beginners.
How Does It Work?
You will get 5 boxes with all the necessary components. Follow our instructions for a fun and exciting building process.
Meet Wacky Robots
These quirky robots are the perfect soldering practice kits that will help anyone with their first steps into the exciting world of STEM.

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