CircuitMess Wheelson - A DIY AI Self-Driving Car STEM KIt | Ages 11+

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Build & Code Your Own Artificial Intelligence robot car. No prior knowledge needed!

  • Although we are yet to discover all about electric cars and their perks, Wheelson already does all the magic.
  • Explore everything that one can do and enjoy the ride!
  • Detect traffic lights, measure the distance, track other vehicles, read QR codes and look for pedestrians.
  • With lidar sensors, thermal cameras, and HDR sensors, your autonomous car will never know of a bumpy ride.
  • Discover Wheelsons computer vision — an algorithm that determines a specific action based on a camera's video feed.
  • With machine learning, this car detects its surroundings even in the dark.
  • For extra fun, pair and navigate it with ByteBoi!

Meet Wheelson

Wheelson is a small DIY self-driving car that uses electromotors and microcomputers to autonomously navigate while driving.

How Does It Work?

You will code your Wheelson in CircuitBlocks' graphical block-based coding interface that will help you make your first steps in the world of physical computing. CircuitBlocks is a custom-made coding app that we've designed.

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