CircuitMess CircuitPet - Build & Code Your Own Handheld Virtual Pet - Always On - No prior knowledge needed

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Man’s (digital) best friend – CircuitPet is the DIY handheld digital pet that’s the perfect introduction to video game mechanics, as well as low-power and “always on” technology. Kids will build and care for CircuitPet like their very own furbaby of the future. We launch new electronic educational toys every few months – stay tuned to see what’s coming next.

Bring Your Digital Pet To Life

CircuitPet is a DIY virtual pet similar to Tamagotchi.

Like any other pet, you can play with it, take care of it, love it and help it grow!

Always On

Unlike other pets, you can take a break from CircuitPet.

But even a digital pet can break down if you leave it without love for too long. Don't let your duckie rust! 

Check in every once in a while to make sure it has everything it needs to be happy.

6 Preloaded Mini–games

Collect XP with fun minigames

Keep your pet happy

Keep the rust away

Level up your character

Bring Your Digital Pet To Life

Maybe Galileo discovered what planets look like, but your Duckileo has even bigger dreams! This brave robot duck is on a mission to discover the whole universe.

Help him achieve his dreams by playing custom games to level up and launch him into the stars.

Watch him become an astronaut & boldly waddle where no duck has waddled before!

  • Our DIY electronic kits bring engineering principles to life, teaching your child the science behind the tools they use in everyday life. Whether your kid is new to STEM or an experienced maker, they’ll learn all about AI, machine learning, autonomous driving and more – and have a blast playing with our customizable hardware and software. Each robot toy includes an Anatomy Guide with details about each part and how it works.
  • At CircuitMess, we’re passionate about bringing the world of electronics and programming to young science lovers in a fun and interesting way. As science buffs ourselves, our team of 28 young individuals is always developing and brainstorming the next cool DIY gadget to teach about software, hardware, and their connection to real-life tools. If you aren’t satisfied with your robot for kids, our team is standing by to help.

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