Do you find it difficult to manage and collect data collected from multiple devices and many sensors? Wouldn't it be easier if you could connect all of your micro-controllers, and data logging equipment to a computer via USB so you could access and control your devices from a central dashboard? With kjdElectronics Customized Software as a Service solutions now you can. Installing our system is easy. This is what you need to get started:

  1. A client computer (with Internet) and a free USB port to connect your microcontroller. One to many microcontrollers can be connected to the same client. Note: This requires installing/running our software.
  2. Modification to your micro-controller code to communicate with the client computer over a USB serial connection. This enables data recording and for the system to send commands to the micro controller. 

Once setup you will be able to manage your micro-controllers from our dashboard from anywhere in the world. Do you want to put all of the devices into sleep mode a 5pm Monday - Friday? You can setup a rule through our web interface to do! Do you want to test all of your LEDs and status indicators? You can press a button and all of your indicators will illuminate. We can even offer direct integration into our API so you can integrate your software into our ecosystem. 

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