16 Channel Voltage Meter & Monitoring Software for Arduino Mega 2560 by kjdElectronics

  • Up to 10bits of Analog to Digital conversion using an Arduino Mega2560

  • Mega Meter connects to the Arduino Mega via USB and displays the value of all 16 analog inputs in real time.

Download Now - Includes MegaMeter.exe and ArduinoMegaMeter.ico Arduino Sketch

Instructions and Readme - First get an an Arduino Mega and install the ArduinoMegaMeter sketch. For help installing the firmware see the Arduino Getting Started Guide

Once the firmware is successfully uploaded simply double click MegaMeter.exe to start the application. Select the COM port the Arduino is connected to and press connect. You should now see all of the voltages for all 16 analog inputs. Please note that any floating inputs (not connected to anything) will "float" between values between 1.5V and 2.6V. This is normal behavior.



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