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Everything Maker Electronics - Products, Custom Software, and Consulting 

kjdElectronics  began selling maker electronics in 2014 with the goal of providing our customers a single point of contact for products and expertise in the maker space. We our proud to offer products from the top brands in the industry such as AdafruitSparkFun, and Raspberry Pi.  

Software and Consulting by kjdElectronics

We also offer a range of software and consulting services. Sometimes you need hardware and software to "just work". We understand, and are here to help! kjdElectronics offers custom built solutions to your specifications starting at only $99 (plus hardware). See our Software and Consulting Pricing for more information.

Examples of Our Work

  • Morse Code Generating Device for automatically transmitting HAM radio call-sign. Arduino Uno and Arduino 4 Relays Shield
  • Automatic Imaging of Chromebooks - Teensy LC HID (Human Interface Device) mode used to emulate a keyboard to automatically setup Chromebooks with no user intervention (Plug and Play)
  • Your Project is next! Schedule a Consultation or give us a call! 603-899-7400. kjdElectronics is ready to Help!


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